Bapi For Sales Scheduling Agreement

4 Dec is a U.S. company that offers CRM-based cloud services and loves worldwide for salesforce training quality services at chennai-salesforce Training Institute in Chennai. FITA Chennai Complaints The created delivery plan is returned to the import setting SALESDOCUMENT_EX and if the RETURN table does not contain error messages or messages do not stop, BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT is called. Following some business process changes, we are modifying the components of the parts list for FERT materials in our system and we have an open futures contract for these FERTS. Our requirement is to reflect this new list of parts in the existing SA (exploding). To do it manually, we go to ME38 -go to the delivery planning line -go to article -… The BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN is used to create or modify carpentry lines. #1, talk to your team. He should be able to illustrate the role of the appointment agreement. Check for BAPI BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN. I have a scenario from a joint venture company that they claimed there SAP ECC 6 and in the MM module on APO they have PO at ECC, they need replication in Schedule Agreement (SA) between two ECC concerns, so I`m going for bapi (BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN) but none of them are useful.

Is BDC the only way to establish a sales plan agreement? Is there a standard program with which I can make an appointment with LSMW? Will ORDERS05 IDOC be useful if nothing works? I get the following error, while I processed a cattle transport planning contract in UI5 with BAPI “BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN” that I use with three bapis BAPI_SAG_CREATE, BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN nad BAPI_SAG_CHANGE in my report program for conversion in. A supply contract is a framework agreement between a lender and a debtor. A sales delivery contract (not to be confused with the purchase delivery contract) is a long-term sales contract that contains details of the delivery plan and deliveries to the debtor according to the schedule specified in the document. This structure must be filled with header level data from the delivery plan to be created. Hi all! I`m looking for the bapi or functional element to change the purchase plan positions (transaction me38). BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN can only process delivery plans with time-related conditions. Document conditions are not supported. We use document conditions. Please help find another BAPI. Is there a BAPI that helps establish a sales plan agreement (VA31 transaction)? This table must be filled out to fill the Z fields at the head or item of the ranking agreement.

. Now, all the parameters that need to be passed to the BAPI have been filled. The BAPI is now called: . When updating the planning line of a Scheduling Agreement position element via BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN in HINTERGRUND mode, we receive an error message in Job spool as Msg Class ME Msg No. 083 Message Enter Plant. . You already have an active moderator warning for this content. . I have received a report that redefines classifications and, if necessary, establishes new classifications for material as of the date of provision, by fm BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN . .

. . The aim of this document is to illustrate the development of sales planning agreements with extensions (Z-Champs) using BAPI. In this scenario, a Z field (ZZMTLTLIFNR) in VBAP (sales order table) must be allocated using BAPI to develop the delivery plan.