Church Rental Agreement For Weddings

5 Dec

The church`s facilities were provided by the benevolence of God and by the great prey of the parishioners. The Church hopes that her facilities will be used for the communion of the Body of Christ and bring glory to God. Although institutions are generally not open to the public, we make our institutions available to non-recognized members as a witness to our faith, in the spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of manifesting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice. There are a few things to note if you are planning a small event such as a baby shower, an HOA meeting, a community sporting event or other small meetings. LifePoint Church does not provide birthday parties, graduations, retreat parties, recurring organizing events or events where goods are sold, such as at fairs or pyramid events. Common events planned with LifePoint Church include banquets, neighbourhood meetings, training sessions and school events. Social receptions (marriages, showers, etc.) are limited to parishioners and their families. Each planned event is governed by the rules and regulations described in lifePoint Church Rental Agreement. Brenda White – – 615-459-3311 Events such as concerts, lectures, plays, dance parties, etc. are what we call “big events.” These events are not treated in the same process as small events, weddings or funerals. Due to the additional requirements of these major events, the same fees and requirements do not apply. Please contact our team to discuss your event so we can determine the magnitude of the event.

. Whether it`s a DE HOA meeting, a community event planning meeting, a baby shower or a wedding, we want your event to be a success. We`ve created a simple process based on the nature of the event you want. The fee is $25 for small events. This fee includes a meeting room with chairs and tables (if necessary). Additional charges may be charged if necessary. There are cases where the tax is removed. This usually happens for those who raise money for mission work and school-related tasks. As we want to serve you in times of loss and help them, we make our facilities available for free for funerals, but availability is limited. Only certain days and times of the week are open, and these schedules often change from week to week. If you would like to check availability or need a pastor from lifePoint Church to attend a memorial service, please contact the following people: If you are planning a wedding, special event or funeral, there are a few specific steps to take to secure a room in De LifePoint Church.