Cooperation Agreement Daad

6 Dec

German universities have, as is the case around the world, a wide network of international partners. Through cooperation programmes between universities, DAAD helps German universities develop these networks. The aim of this programme is to intensify research cooperation within the framework of a concrete and common research project in science or engineering. German universities can apply to facilitate the mobility of bachelors, graduates and PhD students, as well as post-docs and teachers. Projects can receive funding of up to 15,000 euros per year for up to two years. Finally, it is important to examine the definition of the objective on an individual basis with each of the Member States with whom cooperation is desired in order to offer an attractive cooperation project. According to the cooperation agreement, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) pays the following costs and benefits: The corona 19 pandemic has imposed some changes to the DAAD project promotion programmes, details are available on the DAAD Germany website at: The Joint Research Cooperation Scheme Australia-Germany is an initiative of the Universities of Australia and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – the German national agency for support of international academic cooperation. The university compass of the German Conference of Rectors lists 2,231 partnerships and cooperations between German and American universities. Germany is proposing a wide range of measures to support institutional cooperation to promote cooperation in existing partnerships or to support new research projects with US partners.

Only German universities and Fachhochschulen can apply for these programs. If you are interested in any of these programs, please refer to your German partner institution on the corresponding website. This program supports the early stages of planning, development and coordination of joint research cooperation. Funding is intended to cover travel expenses (visits up to 3 months) and joint workshops. For more information, click here. Germany is one of the most attractive places to study in the world. German universities are well known in the areas of higher education cooperation, including innovation potential, secular tradition, commitment to international cooperation and a focus on internationalization. Please note that, in some cases, a formal cooperation agreement must be concluded between partner universities before an application can be made. All of the programs listed here are based on appropriate funding, but to varying degrees. The International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC) program allows teachers and students at a German or German public university to apply for funding to promote and support projects aimed at international education cooperation with foreign partners, including Canadian universities. .

DAAD continuously monitors the evolution of coronavirus and adapts its activities flexibly to changing situations.