Standalone Agreement

17 Dec

The hierarchical type of contract indicates its role within a hierarchy. A standalone contract is not currently in a hierarchy, but can be modified into a master`s or sub-convention contract. (b) This agreement, including third-party agreements, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding the licensee`s use of the Software and replaces all prior or simultaneous, oral or written software assurances, communications or advertisements. No order, order or handwritten or typed texts purporting to modify or complete the printed text of this Agreement, or a calendar will complement or amend the terms of this Agreement, unless they are signed by both the licensee and the licensee. If you specify a sub-agreement, you must choose an approved contract as a superior contract. The higher agreement can be the basic agreement at the beginning of a contractual hierarchy or another sub-contract, and it must be in the same partition or be a global contract. The sub-contract must include a type of contract that is the same or more specific than the type of contract of the higher agreement: a sub-agreement may use a supplier other than that used by the general agreement. Ariba Contract Compliance allows users to organize related contracts in individual agreement hierarchies. At the top of each hierarchy, there is a master`s contract. If a separate contract is added to a contractual hierarchy as a subcontract, all prior release orders or agreed invoice amounts are accumulated in the higher agreement, as long as the accumulator parameters are also defined in the contracts.

A sub-agreement always has a higher agreement directly in the hierarchy, but may itself be an element superior to one or more sub-agreements in the hierarchy. Note: If the terms of this agreement are contrary to the terms of an agreement negotiated and agreed individually between JetBrains and the Client, the terms of that agreement are prevalent. Once a sub-agreement has been approved, you cannot change the parent element. Each contract hierarchy begins with a single master`s agreement. It is the main element of the first level of sub-agreements in its hierarchy. (i) use up to ten (10) accounts free of charge on a single server instance of the licensee; (b) The licensee`s use of the software during the evaluation period is subject to the terms of this contract (excluding restrictions on the number of accounts covered in section (ii) of Section 4, point a), but is limited to the internal evaluation of the software to determine whether the software meets the licensee`s requirements and whether the licensee wishes to continue using the software. As you know, goods or services can be purchased by orders placed under a master contract or by orders that are not placed under a master`s contract – I refer to these as a P.A., as nails. They can be issued for one-time purchases or regularly as part of an ongoing relationship. (b) three (3) days before the end of the upgrade subscription in the case referred to in point 9.4 b). Acme and AlphaCo negotiate a master contract for the purchase of AlphaCo widgets by Acmes. When negotiating terms and conditions, they have a transaction cost of $10,000.

They expect Acme to buy $1 million worth of widgets over the life of the contract. (iv) make a copy of the software for archiving purposes. 9.5 The licensee will do everything in its power to inform the licensee by e-mail as follows: 9.1 If the licensee`s use of the Software falls under section 4 (a) for free), the licensee will make available to the licensee all software upgrades generally available, until the termination of this contract , in accordance with Section 13. Subject to the conditions and restrictions of this agreement, including any changes to this agreement, the licensee grants the licensee a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of software, as follows: (b)