User Agreement Remitly

19 Dec

Before accepting the use of our services, please take the time to carefully read the user agreement below. We also recommend that you keep this document in a safe place – the terms of our user agreement are legally binding. This use agreement (“agreement”) was finally updated and enters into force on 28.10.2019. It applies to users of the Remitly service based in Spain and based in Spain. 3.4 We accept your instructions as soon as we have received the amount and fees from your financial institution. This agreement will be effective from that date. If you do not agree with any of these guidelines or a change, you can terminate your contract with us and close your profile by emailing us at or calling us on 0080055771234. 3.5 Conditions of authorization for the use of our services. As part of the profiling process, you must approve this agreement (and other documents that we can name from time to time). You must be at least 18 (18) years old to access our services as a shipper or to be able to use them. We are registered and licensed to perform our services in the UK and you must be based in the UK in order to use the services we provide. If you live in another region, you can access the agreement that applies to you from the website for our services in your country or region.

Please also see section 8 on how and why we collect and verify personal data. 19.7 Our use of titles. We use titles and descriptions to emphasize what we think in the following sections, but they are provided only by convenience and are not part of our legal agreement. Full agreement. The usage agreement represents the entire agreement between you and Remitly and regulates your use of the service and replaces all previous agreements between you and Remitly. g. during litigation, paying a cash advance on your credit card (or helping others) or trying to get more money than you receive (sometimes called “double dip” or unfair enrichment) by obtaining or trying to obtain funds from us, another user of our services, a bank or debit company or credit card; 3.10 If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, we will refund the transaction service fee (our goodwill guarantee). For our goodwill guarantee, please contact us on 02 8607 8054 or e-mail Our guarantee of goodwill is granted in addition to legal rights and is not effective.

7.3 You can terminate this contract at any time by calling us by email or phone on 02 8607 8054 to request the closure of your profile. This directive does not apply to third-party practices with which you may be in contact when using services, for example. B your mobile operator or other users of our services. You should contact them regarding their privacy policy before providing them with personal data. 4.6 Other fees you may owe us. If you submit a transaction that charges you a fee because your payment instrument is not used legitimately, you agree to pay us the amount corresponding to the amount charged to us. In particular, if you submit a transaction that charges us an “NSF fee,” “refund fee” or similar fee, you agree to refund Remitly for all of these fees. These other fees and fees are due by you when we inform you of any costs or costs incurred. To better explain some of these fees, an “NSF” fee (also known as “insufficient fund charges”) is generated as long as we are informed by our banking partners and we are charged a fee if the bank account you use to finance your transaction is insufficient.