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20 Dec

“I`m afraid to disturb you, so I want to go into the living room,” Dita replied to Refan`s question, still standing at the door. Oh, kaka was fine with Refan, don`t worry too much” Dita replied with a reassuring smile his sister. Bian scratches his head that doesn`t itch. He went into his room. Strange morning, he thought of his heart. “I don`t have much time,” Tari says with a small smile. “I`m going to make the most of every second. Maybe we`ll never see each other again after that. After cleaning the dining table in Refan`s room, he saw Refan, outside the bedroom door, busy with his laptop and some of his files, not realizing that Dita was in his room. Fearful of disturbing Refan Dita, refan leaves the room to go into the center room, unaware that Dita was making a noise trying to close the door that Refan had recognized his existence there. “Don`t you need to get ready for the office?” asked Tari, checking the contents of the refrigerator.

“Loh, why are you still here?” asked Tari when she turned around. “No kak dad from time to time, brother is already good with brother Refan,” asked Renata Dita a little worried . Mas Bian.¬†Tari knocked again on the door of her husband`s room. “Standing up… it will soon be azan.¬†“Aunt…” I miss Mom`s cooking. Can you do it for me? I think I want to cook mom. Unknowingly, Abigail uttered this sentence. “Well, I don`t want to hear a young widow, brother, later kaka, if there`s a problem not to carry emotions, a good woman continues to give a lot of nephews and funny.

All right! “Renata said with a smile and was ecstatic for her sister. Bian looks hesitant. Sometimes, at dawn, you wake up late, it must be the morning prayer at the mosque. With the exception of Ms. Vera, everyone was looking at Abigail with a tense face. When they see Abigail dissolve in their own minds, they can do nothing to wake Abigail. For in such a time, only a call accompanied by a touch can bring him back into the real world. But for now, they are all a bit far from Abigail.

All that is close to Abigail is Mrs. Vera. Oh my god. I want to talk to him again!! Please contact the author to order his novel mbk, 08158140664 In addition to Aunt Vera and her family, Bram`s grandfather is also good for Abigail and her mother. But unfortunately, the villagers excommunicated him and he decided to live in the rice fields. From time to time, he will go to the market to sell fruits and vegetables in his rice paddy. Money from selling fruits and vegetables, he used to buy his vital needs. . “Other Mother said that you wait, long, later mother Lumatan waits for the recalcitrant child, who is less sensitive than you, continues to invite the mother`s son-in-law, wherever she is abducted mother`s son to the house that night.” Mum said she was looking at her son. Refan sees Dita, who looks at him in silence with adoration, really loves Refan, that even his heart beats irregularly as he wants.

Refan realizes that something is wrong with her, she has never been near a woman, and now she lives with someone who will fill her days for the next few months. Can he be selfish in wanting Dita? He is truly sorry for making her sad. Refan can not think just with the look of Dita, she is surprised by the look, as if she felt loved by the woman, without realizing that Refan has brought her face closer, only a few euro cents i even her nose touched each other she sees Dita who closes her eyes ready for what will happen. Refan gently kissing his wife`s lips, very sweet, this is the only description of him, when he even liked the tiny lips cherry red even said Refan even loved him very much, his hands also held the neck of Dita and deepened the kiss that they do not want to stop .let this heat in control of their relationship …..