Loma Linda Lifestyle Agreement

10 Apr

Loma Linda is one of the few medical schools with a religious affiliation (Seventh-day Adventist). Although other schools have a religious leaning (see: Georgetown and Creighton), no other school has as much ideological commitment to the Christian way of life. White, a small woman with a strong personality, was a prolific author and inspired the Church`s teachings in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. She claimed that her faith was based on visionary experiences – dreams and conversations with God. “I now live in Thousand Oaks [,California] and although I often visit Loma Linda, there are times in the “outside world” where there can be challenges,” says Westerdahl, pointing to opportunities when he is the only vegan or non-drinker in the room. “But I`m now 64 and I`ve been doing this since the 1970s. Now it`s just my lifestyle.┬áLoma Linda`s lifestyle seems to be a strong recipe for wellness. This is not for everyone and most Adventists recognize that there are degrees of respect for nutritional and social guidelines that are outlined by the Church. Loma Linda University actively promotes a spiritually concentrated and healthy lifestyle that is consistent with the Christian principles of Seventh-day Adventists.

Thousands of students from different religious traditions have found that the combination of academic excellence and spiritual values of the LLU provides the best environment to pursue its educational goals. Two churches on campus, along with many others in the area, offer spiritual enrichment services. We hope you will consider choosing the LLU as a great place for the next steps in your training. To help you in this important decision, we want to share some of the peculiarities of our school of faith. Yes, I signed an agreement that says I will not drink alcohol or caffeine while I am a student at the LLU. I know LLU has an interesting online reputation, so I`m here to answer all your questions! He argues that their healthy status is based on more than diet. It is a complex mixture of religiosity, spirituality and understanding of a person for their faith in God combined with other components of the way of life such as movement and social support.