Sag Aftra Netflix Agreement

12 Apr

Netflix and SAG-AFTRA announced Saturday that they have reached an agreement that would expand the reach of workers covered by their contracts to include those involved in synchronizing foreign language films in English and performing capture work. “We are always striving to adapt and grow in the changing environment of our industry,” Gabrielle Carteris, president of SAG-AFTRA, said in a statement. “This revolutionary agreement makes the case for it.” The new contract, which follows, with a few exceptions, the union`s codified basic agreement and television agreements, was adopted today by an overwhelming majority of the national body during its one-day plenary session of video conferencing. The agreement expires on June 30, 2022. The agreement includes payment of the remains of films produced under a SAG-AFTRA theatre contract and exhibited on Netflix. Netflix has signed the film and TV contract of SAG-AFTRA. Until now, Netflix had a contract with the union based on production, but now SAG-AFTRA has reached a global agreement with the streaming giant for live action drama productions. “I would like to commend the contract staff under the leadership of Chief Contracts Officer Ray Rodriguez for their incredible work on this historic agreement,” said David White, SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director. “As Netflix continues to produce serial and fiction films, it can do so more effectively under this bilateral agreement, which provides all our members with conditions and better protection.” The agreement was approved on Saturday by the union`s national council by an “overwhelming” margin, although SAG-AFTRA did not give the exact figures. The agreement, which expires on June 30, 2022, does not need to be ratified by union members. The new contract, approved by the union`s national board of directors, will enter into force until June 30, 2022, while the industry`s television/theatre agreements expire on June 30 of next year.

That means SAG-AFTRA could perhaps use the Netflix deal as leverage to discuss with AMPTP – and even threaten a strike that would shut down older media companies that are already desperate to catch up with Netflix, while the Silicon Valley Streamer is unaffected.