Scm Agreement Wto Pdf

12 Apr

7.9 In the event that the member has not taken appropriate measures to eliminate the negative effects of the grant or to withdraw the subsidy within six months of the adoption of the panel`s report or the appellate body`s report, the DSB gives the complaining member permission to take action. , depending on the degree and nature of the adverse effects, unless the DSB agrees to reject the application. v) other operating costs (for example, hardware. B, supplies and the like) directly related to research activities. 8.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of Part III and V, the following subsidies cannot be implemented: China is increasingly “global” and foreign direct investment is under increasing scrutiny as part of its Belt and Road initiative. One concern is that Chinese companies that dissolve in third countries would benefit from unwarranted financing through the financing they receive under China`s expansionist strategy. This funding leads to a situation long described as “unrealistic” in which a government subsidizes a company outside its territory. If the products of such a company are exported to third countries, could such financing be disciplined under the World Trade Organization agreement on subsidies and countervailing measures? Should such funding, which promotes development in host countries, be disciplined? The authors shed light on these issues and provide a preliminary guide on how to structure this problem in international trade law. 4.10 If the DSB`s recommendation does not follow within the time frame set by the body that begins on the date of adoption of the panel`s report or the appeals agency report, the DSB gives the requesting member permission to take appropriate counter-measures (9), unless the DSB agrees to reject the application. . (b) assistance to disadvantaged regions located within a member`s territory, granted in the general framework of regional development (31) and non-specific (in the sense of Article 2) in eligible regions, provided that: 8.5, at the request of a member, the finding of the committee covered in paragraph 4 or the inability of the committee to make such a finding, as well as the violation of the conditions set out in a notified programme , be subject to mandatory arbitration on a case-by-case basis.