Une Agreement

13 Apr

The Treasury Board of Directors and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) provided PSAC with a payment plan for the implementation of monetary provisions following the signing of the PA, EB, TC, SV and PSAC-UTE collective agreements. PSAC is working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Parks Canada to finalize the text and salary schedules for the new agreements – which were ratified in November – and expects the two new contracts to be signed shortly. Ottawa, ON – Regional Office teams and Field Interviewers from the Statistical Survey Office (SOS) met for three days to discuss good, evil and ugly as they prepare to go to the negotiating table at (MONTH). Their current agreement expired in 2018 and THE members of the UN are trying to get back to the negotiating table and negotiate a fair deal. Payment plans for the Phoenix comparison have not yet been finalized by the Treasury Board and the rating agency. Please keep your contact information up-to-date through the members portal to continue to obtain information on the implementation of collective agreements and the Phoenix comparison. 2. Parallel agreements must be concluded for the following units under TBS control. TBS has committed to funding these agreements: “I think there was an error in the calculation of my payment in accordance with the settlement agreement between PSAC and SSO. In particular, the calculation does not take into account unpaid leave, overtime rates, total compensation for certain days of paid leave and other forms of compensation during the reporting period.” Fair Work Act 2009s.185 – Application for approval of a single PSAC enterprise agreement working to prevent violence against women continues. Our union is proud to have negotiated 10 days of paid leave for domestic violence in all new federal government collective agreements to ensure that those facing domestic violence receive the help they need. We continue to press governments to implement all the recommendations of the report on the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls and to remove barriers to access to legal assistance and assistance to women who are victims of violence. SSO interviewers have been struggling for months at the bargaining table with the employer to secure a collective agreement that takes into account the long-standing concerns of our hard-working members, including recognition of the modernization of interview staff and the effects of technological change.

We are delighted to have reached an agreement with SSO on some issues during the week. We have expanded the definition of family, added gender identity and sexual expression as a means of protection against discrimination, improved funeral leave, and maintained existing maternity and parental leave benefits.