Usps Customer Service Agreement

13 Oct

Ok, so I get a notification in my PO Box with the title above, which describes 3 different services: the mailer complied with four of the five main provisions of the contract that we checked, including the postal type and zone rates, the authorization number and the payment system. However, the mailer did not follow the annual commitment in volume. Especially during the first year of the NSA, the mailer sent only less than necessary. During the second year of the NSA (until May 31, 2020), the mailer sent less than during the same period the previous year. This agreement provides that the postal service has the right, at its discretion, to reset the packages sent during the following contract year to the most current Priority Mail Commercial Plus prices if the mail does not meet the annual volume obligation. The Postal Service provided adequate oversight of the NSA, which included monthly meetings with the shipper to discuss the performance and expectations of the contract, as well as the possible termination of the contract or the filing of an exemption request. In addition, the Postal Service attempted to solve a problem by linking the volume of this partner`s market platform to the NSA. On October 1, 2019, the Postal Service Contract Management Team submitted a [redacted] [edited] for the second year of the contract. Management felt that the [redacted] was necessary to maintain the customer`s mail volume, and they expected an increase in volume during the approaching high season. The commission approved the application on November 21, 2019. An NSA is a contractual agreement between the postal service and a sender in which mail receives personalized pricing in exchange for meeting mail volume and preparation requirements. The goal of using ASNs is to retain price-sensitive customers and encourage additional email volumes and revenue. While only a small fraction of the postal service`s commercial parcel customers have ASN, 40% of the domestic parcel volume of 5.5 billion postal services are sent under these agreements.

A “Real Mail Notification” service that sends you an email or text when you need to retrieve mail from your mailbox. So everything seems pretty convenient, but do I give up rights or something like that with the signature? Is there additional attention or monitoring when signing such an agreement? I am not paranoid, because I can see the legitimate value of all services, it is just that, in these times, it is very wise to question everything! We checked the volume of mail during the first year of the NSA ([edited] 2018 to [edited] 2019) before the President of the United States issued, on March 13, 2020, the national emergency declaration on the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease. The results of this audit do not reflect process and/or operational changes resulting from the pandemic. Our goal was to verify the mailer`s compliance with the provisions of the Service Negotiated Agreement (NSA) and the supervision of the U.S. Postal Service to be evaluated through the NSA contracts #50593050. We selected the NSA based on the volume and revenue of the mailer for 2019. Queue signing, which allows the order to sign packages and leave them in a safe, so that during normal hours you won`t have to wait in line just to sign a package, and we estimated that the postal service`s decision was [edited] in 2019 and May 31, 2020. The postal service assesses the shipment`s compliance with the contractual conditions, including the volume requirements for years 2 and 3 of the contract.

That is why we will not make any recommendations in this report. Thank you for any light that everyone can share on this topic. The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) must approve all NASs. The PRC approved the contract #50593050 in fiscal year 2019. This three-year NSA offers special prices for priority mailer weight/mail zone packages, priority email packages, priority email packages, and priority email package boxes. . . .