The Fight for Wisconsin – Help get out the VOTE!

“Help Defeat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.”

Wisconsin is now ground zero in the battle for fairness and workers’ rights.  What a tragedy that this state – which has a proud progressive tradition, going back to the days of Governor Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette – has been hijacked by the Koch Brothers and other out-of-state billionaires, the Tea Party, and the right-wing corporate-sponsored lobby group ALEC. Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now facing a recall election for overturning equal pay for women, declaring war on workers, and cutting retirement security for nurses and teachers. You can read the grimy details at the Scott Walker Watch website and in John Nichols’ article in The Nation.

If Walker beats the recall effort, it will embolden other conservative Republican governors and their corporate allies to try to impose similar reactionary policies that screw the poor,  undermine the middle class, and weaken labor unions.  If the broad coalition of Wisconsinites beats Walker – despite being overwhelmingly outspent, as this article from Truthout describes – it will help galvanize progressive forces nationwide, raise people’s hopes about November,  and help energize people to get involved in key election campaigns in battleground states around the country.

So here’s both the good news and the bad news.  Despite all the money that Walker’s billionaires and corporate backers have poured into his race, a new poll shows that the recall  is now a 49%-49% dead heat. Another shows Republican Scott Walker leading by a slim 50% to 48% margin.

This recall election is only four days away. The outcome will depend on which side is more successful at getting voters to the polls.  It’s important that Wisconsin Democrats have the resources they need to Get Out The Vote.

Can you make a donation of $3 to help Wisconsin Democrats contact every voter possible in this final weekend? Click here.

Even a small donation will help Wisconsin Democrats mobilize a huge Get Out The Vote operation on election day.


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