Check out the 100 and offer your thoughts

The 100 Americans profiled in the book have just been posted!

Check out the list and let me know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the list.


Is there someone you think should be on the list who isn’t? Or someone who is on the list who you don’t think should be there?

3 thoughts on “Check out the 100 and offer your thoughts

  1. Thank you so much! So glad you included Virginia Durr, Roger Baldwin, Henry Wallace, and more. I want to write about the next group that are unknown. Thanks so much. And Vito Marcantonio. I have a wonderful photo of him that that my dad saved – surrounded by neighborhood kids. A great guy! These are true heroes that we must not forget. There are some who aren’t well known but played key roles in our history.

  2. Deetje Boler

    The list made me feel like telling that it made me feel good to be made aware that there are so many people I have known about and whom I have so greatly admired over my 80 years. Actually, I was amazed to discover all those people I knew about over the years adding up to so many. And there are many more! (Interesting lack of Hollywood & media stars, which pleases me just fine, thank you! I’ve had enough of them.) I might not have put a few that were there on my list, but there were quite a lot more of whom I’ve never heard. Hey, just because I haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean they’re suspicious intruders, but it does make me curious enough that I’d like to look at the book to check them out; but then I guess I could just look them up right now on Wikiwhatsis. Anyway I’m curious to find out how he writes and what he has to say. BTW, I am today grieving at the news of Alex Cockburn’s death of cancer; (he was only 71. He’d have been such a grand old man!) But he was a real treasure. I think he belongs on the list. (and now come to think of it, I sure hope Mark Twain was on that list! Maybe next edition. There are so many worthy predecessors! Anyway, I hope to learn about some new worthies and am curious to see how Peter Drier writes about his choices.

  3. James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens. A symbol for an era. Just consult Avery Brundage and Adolf Hitler.

    In addition; I must be going crazy because I also missed George Catlett Marshall? Who made such a list?

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